Trekathon 582: The Dogs of War (8) (DS9)

The Cardassian revolution goes badly, and Odo is cured but angry.

Once more unto the stupid Ferengi plots. Quark thinks he’s going to be Nagus, but actually it’s going to be Rom. Oh my gosh, this is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen on screen. It’s painful, and a pointless distraction from the main show. Does this really have to be the story to tell this close to the end? Apparently massive and incredibly controversial reforms to Ferengi society have been occurring and Quark knows nothing about it. Within months apparently even the Rules of Acquisition have been removed from the culture. That’s not Science Fiction. That’s not even Fantasy. It’s just bad writing.

The Cardassian revolution stuff is much better done, although the pacing of the arc has been a bit off overall. But Damar’s arc has continued to be interesting, as he adjusts to what it means to be a different type of leader. I was a bit worried that the Cardassian response was a bit out of character with what we’ve seen of their society before, but not so much that it destroyed the story for me.

582 down, 155 to go.