Trekathon 581: Warhead (VOY)

The Doctor makes friends with a missile.

[The Quality of Life]( meets [Dreadnought]( – or to put it another way, [Dark Star]( Oh, and there’s a small touch of [The Ensigns of Command]( as well. About the only thing we get here of any real interest was the Doctor getting to play a different role for a while.

The episode did raise a lot of questions for me though – like why is Harry ‘senior staff’, when the conn officer of the same rank isn’t? He’s just an ensign, he should really be spending a lot more time cleaning stuff rather than commanding. Or why they don’t implement simple fire walls in the command systems to stop takeovers by renegade AIs. And exactly how many ensigns does this ship have? Not counting Tom, I think there have been more than ten – which would make for some awfully big classes at the Academy.

581 down, 156 to go.