Trekathon 579: Relativity (VOY)

December 5th, 2012

Seven of Nine goes back in time to save Voyager. Then forwards in time. Then back again.

To be honest, I lost track. I’ll have to watch this episode with a whiteboard next time around. It fully embraces the logical consistency problems of a time travel episode, and instead just decides to have fun with it. It’s cool to see Voyager back before its launch, and the episode has a good pace and some good action.

I’m still not entirely clear on what it is the 29th century Star Fleet does, or why its a good idea. Or what was going on with the multiple Captains Braxton. No great agenda was advanced, we didn’t learn anything about any of the characters. But we had fun for an hour or so, and it’s good to do that in an episode every now and again.

579 down, 158 to go.