Trekathon 578: Tacking Into the Wind (6) (DS9)

December 4th, 2012

The Cardassian revolution strikes a real blow, and a Klingon coup is needed.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find much to say about these episodes. The plot is moving on, big things are happening. It’s all pretty good, pretty interesting. Unlike the previous go, it doesn’t feel like we’re just killing time – there’s a sense of pace here.

Last time I was a bit worried about them setting up too much – while the first half of this episode seemed to be bearing that out, pretty much everything set up was resolved by the end of the episode, and some of the other dangling plots (like Gowron’s new ‘leadership’) were also cleaned up. It was notable that we didn’t see anything from Kai Winn or Dukat this time around either – getting closer to the end.

578 down, 159 to go.