Trekathon 577: 11:59 (VOY)

Janeway reminisces about an ancestor.

What a strange, strange episode. The vast majority is set in 2000, with pretty much no science fiction elements other than the background ‘Millenium Gate’ project. There are some cuts to Voyager, and their implausibly vast historical databases. There is an element of fantasy though – a project like this would use [eminent domain]( rather than let a single holdout prevent the project from going ahead.

There were many nice touches – such as the Janeway ancestral fondness for recording a log – but that’s not enough to really rest the episode on. This was really a *Simpsons* episode writ large – a transparent framing to tell a story that has little to do with the show. If there had been something really interesting buried in here this would have been OK. But merely ‘good’ isn’t an excuse to ignore the normal rules of the show.

577 down, 160 to go.