Trekathon 573: Juggernaut (VOY)

Can we be done with the Malon now? They’re a one-note “evil polluting capitalist” species who have no interesting stories to tell.

Star Fleet has never had of radiation suits? The best response to radiation is running around the ship in singlets? But I think this was about setting up expectations. By halfway through the episode B’Elanna has gone full [Ripley](, so you’re expecting a climactic battle against the hidden alien. Which would actually have been better than the didactic ‘people who pollute are the real monsters’ rubbish.

As for the principal character plot – haven’t we seen this before? B’Elanna has been wandering around like a ball of rage since the very early days of Voyager, and it’s been ‘dealt with’ several times already. It’s good to have some connection between the main plot and development of the characters, but it would be better still if it was character development that didn’t feel like it had happened already.

573 down, 164 to go.