Trekathon 571: ‘Til Death Do Us Part (2) (DS9)

Dukat has an evil plan, and Kai Winn is falling for it. And him.

I was a bit surprised to see Dukat move towards literal seduction of Kai Winn. I hope that this moves along a little bit quicker, as while tricking Winn into believing him is interesting, it’s not going to sustain things for very long.

The Sisko plot moves forward, with him finally deciding to ignore the prophets, and go ahead and marry Kassidy. Married *and* he’s bought the farm? If he starts talking about ‘one more day until retirement’, no one stand near him, OK? More seriously, it would have been good to see more struggle between his acceptance of the Bajoran prophets and his love for Kassidy.

Compared to the previous long sequence this is much more serial – the individual episodes so far are barely even trying to tell an independent story.

571 down, 166 to go.