Trekathon 564: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (DS9)

DS9 does a 1950s heist movie.

You remember, less than 10 episodes ago, when I loved a holodeck episode that was a flashback to an older genre? Well, here’s some proof that it does actually have to be good for me to like it. I love a good heist movie. This is not that.

How do you even get a heist episode so very wrong? It’s a deeply established formula. Most of the pieces are there, but the direction is off, the music is wrong, and the players don’t seem to understand. For instance, anyone who’s watched these knows that if you see them do it flawlessly it’s a rehearsal – you don’t just do a disconnected monologue. And then things go wrong in the actual heist – but there’s meant to be a clever reverse at the end. Go watch some *Leverage*.

564 down, 173 to go.