Trekathon 563: Dark Frontier, Part II (VOY)

Seven of Nine gets to know the Borg queen.

They were shooting for epic here. I respect the ambition, but the result is bogged down by the pacing and structure of weekly TV. There are some decent action sequences, for instance, but they’re obviously broken up by ad breaks (as well as weighed down by technobabble).

I really don’t understand why the Queen was so keen to have Seven on their side. It seemed like a long way around to try and write ‘Locutus II’, but it didn’t work for me. As a result the moral dilemma is undermined from the start, and we never really fear for Seven’s allegiance.

Still, as with the ‘Killing Game’ two-parter from last year, these longer stories are working a lot better than the old TNG cliffhangers ever did.

563 down, 174 to go.