Trekathon 562: Dark Frontier, Part I (VOY)

Janeway decides to try and break into a Borg sphere.

What better way to say ‘movie for TV’ than to steal a character from one of the movies. Say hello to the Borg Queen, a character who makes little sense given the established Borg lore (but I’m going to just let that be). Mostly it’s pretty good buildup, but not exactly riveting.

It’s not all good though – young Seven of Nine is terrible. Janeway is unusually gung ho. And yet another mention of the stupid ‘no money in the future’ thing. My single biggest pet hate for Star Trek. Most significantly, Seven’s mental journey is done through flashback, and we don’t get a good sense of how she ends up where she does at the end of part 1.

562 down, 175 to go. And I’ve now watched as many episodes since returning to daily viewing as in the initial run.