Trekathon 559: Field of Fire (DS9)

Ezri lets her serial killer side out to help find a serial killer.

A few nice moments, but also some really stretched logic and a weapon that just doesn’t make sense. A transporter gun? Why not just beam a tiny knife into and then out of someone’s brain. It’d look just like a stroke – no evidence. But it’s all just a setup for a few scenes between Ezri and serial-killer past host Joran.

Joran manages some good menace, but never quite gets the seduction side of it right. And I never really felt the attraction of it for Ezri – is she really falling for this? It seems quite dark for her character. Also, with only a few episodes left until the final run home and the ten-parter, why are we getting two Ezri heavy episodes? Sure, she’s a nice new character. But can we at least have stories where she interacts with the regular crew a bit more.

(There’s a lab sequence midway through the episode that looks so much like something from a [CSI]( episode I had to look up the date, but this aired 18 months before the first CSI).

559 down, 178 to go.