Trekathon 558: Gravity (VOY)

November 14th, 2012

Tom and Tuvok crash land, and find a mysterious woman.

Seriously, can we just decide once and for all what is going on with Vulcans? Are they controlling emotions, or have they eliminated them? The shows seem to veer from one description to another with little logic. Here it’s firmly in the ‘controlled’ camp, but that’s incredibly inconsistent with the constant description of Vulcans as not having emotions. There’s a big difference between not having them and controlling them.

The episode itself is fairly good, but full of a whole bunch of ‘why’. Like ‘why bother breaking the universal translator if she just learns English’, ‘why have them out of time phase with Voyager’, or even ‘why bother having Tom there as well’. A lot of screen time is chewed up with these for little purpose.

558 down, 179 to go.