Trekathon 554: Prodigal Daughter (DS9)

O’Brien’s past with the Orion Syndicate somehow manages to get Ezri involved.

A total ‘bleh’ of an hour. We really don’t care very much about Ezri (as distinct from Dax, that is), so spending the whole episode with her family ends up meaning very little to us. O’Brien shows up about halfway through, but he must have been drugged or something, as he sleepwalks through the remainder of the episode.

The Orion Syndicate gets cheapened here. In the past it’s been a fairly scary criminal organisation. But here it’s a low level shakedown, conducted in what must be the strangest way ever. Mysterious equipment breakdowns are not a good way to do things, as they leave too much open to question. Someone should send them a copy of *The Godfather*.

554 down, 183 to go.