Trekathon 549: Nothing Human (VOY)

November 5th, 2012

The Doctor befriends a Cardassian Mengele.

Baby’s First Ethical Dilemma, also substantially undermined by the fact that the Cardassian doctor is a hologram. And one who was created pretty easily too. It means there’s no stakes involved in whether he lives or dies. And the complexity of the ‘should we use unethical research’ issue is not addressed well – it becomes a simple black-and-white issue.

“You can’t order someone to get rid of an emotion”. Wow. That has got to be a close contender for worst line of all time in Star Trek. Just dreadful (as is the rest of that scene, with Janeway having had an apparent personality transplant). There are some other dreadful bits in there too, like the slideshow at the start, or the final scene between the Doctor and the Cardassian.

549 down, 188 to go. And three quarters complete.