Trekathon 548: Infinite Regress (VOY)

November 4th, 2012

Seven of Nine suddenly starts having different personalities.

Jeri Ryan is an excellent actress. I have never seen the ‘multiple personalities’ thing done better in Star Trek. And we’ve seen it a lot. This episode is a new approach, in that it’s laden with a technobabble Borg thingie, and there just isn’t much interesting that comes out of it. There’s no internal struggle, just a takeover and then an expulsion.

A couple of false notes as well. Firstly, Naomi Wildman goes from having been terrified of Seven a few episodes ago to being fascinated. It’s not unrealistic for a child to change their view on something so quickly, but it should have at least been talked about a little. Secondly, there’s a genocidal ‘destroy the Borg’ plan not dissimilar from the Hugh plan in ‘I, Borg’, and no one even raises an eyebrow?

548 down, 189 to go.