Trekathon 547: Covenant (DS9)

Dukat’s cult tries to recruit Kira.

This was a pretty good episode apart from one thing – why on earth was Kira there? If it was another ‘Dukat wants to convince Kira’ thing, there wasn’t nearly enough to drive it. It was as if she was there solely because the script needed an observer. Events largely unfold without her, and it would have been the work of five minutes to write her out. With such an inconsequential part for her everything else collapses.

The theology was daring for a TV show, but the ‘what if the devil isn’t bad’ stuff is pretty old, and in terms of fiction we know where it’s going. And the characterisation of Dukat throughout is opaque – we’re never that sure if he really believes, if he’s up to his old games, or if something else entirely is going on.

547 down, 190 to go.