Trekathon 546: Timeless (VOY)

Chakotay and Kim travel back in time to save Voyager.

Another big move closer to the Alpha quadrant – have we seen the ’75 years to get home’ clock updated recently? We’re 5 years down of real time, Kes did 10 years back in ‘The Gift’, ‘Night’ was 2 years, and this episode is 10. So it must be less than 50 years now.

The time travel logic gets a bit stretched here, but it is nice that the ethical issue is raised. Still, I think the scientific consensus (yes, there is one) is that the ‘multiple universes/branching timelines’ approach is most likely – they wouldn’t disappear, they would simply create an alternate universe with the changes in. AKA the ‘Trousers of Time’ theory.

(And Geordi got a promotion. Good on him).

546 down, 191 to go.