Trekathon Season Review: Voyager, Season 4

October 17th, 2012

Sometimes retooling works.

This season sees some big changes in the setup of the show. Kes was replaced by Seven of Nine. And then Seven of Nine got a lot of screen time – she was the main plot driver in 7 episodes, had the B-plot in another handful, and played a significant role in the plot of another seven. That’s well ahead of anyone else on the ship except Janeway.

So that was pretty high risk – it’s a fundamentally new factor being added into the show’s equation. It paid off. Seven is an interesting character, and the performance is good. She’s supported several interesting stories. But I do have a concern – she keeps getting character development, then she drops back to where she was for the start of the next episode.

There were still a handful of bad episodes (Mortal Coil, Hunters, Retrospect, Unforgettable). But these were handily matched by the very good (Nemesis, Message in a Bottle, One) and excellent (Year of Hell (well, part 2 at least), The Killing Game, Living Witness). Overall this is definitely in the ‘Strong Performers’ bracket, just behind TNG Season 4.

So the overall rankings are now:

The very best of Trek:

  • TNG Season 6

  • DS9 Season 2

Strong performers:

  • DS9 Season 5

  • TNG Season 3

  • TNG Season 5

  • TOS Season 2

  • TNG Season 4

  • VOY Season 4

Mixed bag:

  • TOS Season 1

  • DS9 Season 2

  • DS9 Season 1

  • VOY Season 1

  • TNG Season 7

Not good:

  • DS9 Season 3

  • VOY Season 3

  • TNG Season 2

  • TAS Season 1

  • VOY Season 2

  • TOS Season 3

  • TAS Season 2

  • TNG Season 1