Trekathon Season Review: Deep Space Nine, Season 6

October 19th, 2012

While Voyager has been getting better, Deep Space 9 has had its worst year so far.

Only 3 episodes made it to ‘very good’ or better (Honor Among Thieves, In the Pale Moonlight, Waltz), compared to nine that were overall bad (with the egregious Profit and Lace leading the way, followed by The Magnificent Ferengi and His Way).

They tried something big and ambitious at the start of the year, with the six-part ‘occupation’ sequence. Some bits of it worked, but not enough. Deep Space 9 is at its best when it’s telling stories based on the universe that has been built up around Bajor and the station – but only when it’s well planned. The six-parter had little planning, it felt like the writers didn’t know where they were going.

Overall this one is going to sit just under DS9 Season 3 in the ‘not good’ category. It’s just ahead of Voyager Season 3 in terms of quality. It’s a real shame, given the quality that Season 5 had gotten back to.

The very best of Trek:

  • TNG Season 6

  • DS9 Season 2

Strong performers:

  • DS9 Season 5

  • TNG Season 3

  • TNG Season 5

  • TOS Season 2

  • TNG Season 4

  • VOY Season 4

Mixed bag:

  • TOS Season 1

  • DS9 Season 2

  • DS9 Season 1

  • VOY Season 1

  • TNG Season 7

Not good:

  • DS9 Season 3

  • VOY Season 3

  • TNG Season 2

  • TAS Season 1

  • VOY Season 2

  • TOS Season 3

  • TAS Season 2

  • TNG Season 1

That’s 532 watched, 23,746 minutes, and 72.82% complete. 82,537 words written. 205 to go. Next we have the last year with two series on the air, and a movie too. The end of Deep Space 9 is nigh.