Trekathon 544: Once Upon a Time (VOY)

October 31st, 2012

Voyager’s only child is kept in the dark as her mother is missing on an away mission.

A Holodeck episode and a small child? What can possibly go wrong? Well, to be honest, nothing particularly goes wrong here. It’s just a bad idea, and nothing is added to make it interesting. The children’s story is dull and boring – I hope the children of the future have better fiction available than that. Neelix wanders around like a complete idiot. And there’s an implausible lack of supervision given to a child who is around 4 years old.

What little suspense there might be about whether the mother will survive or not is completely undermined by not one, but two of the main cast being on the ship with her. Given the situation she’s pretty much safe. So there’s no suspense, and the main plot has such a simple moral (‘be honest’) that nothing in the episode recommends itself.

544 down, 193 to go.