Trekathon 541: Treachery, Faith and the Great River (DS9)

Weyoun defects to the Federation.

Strangely uninteresting for an episode with a strong premise (and title). We haven’t done very much with the complicated relationship between the Vorta and the Founders, or Odo’s place in all of that. There’s also the serial clones that allow familiar faces to stick around. But with all of that material, we don’t get much in the way of an interesting conversation, and spend way too much time on a dull chase sequence.

The B-Plot was easier – it was just a bad, bad idea. Nog basically engages on a crime spree involving identity theft, actual theft, and more. All simply because everyone is uncharacteristically unwilling to tell Sisko about the problems his request for a part for the Defiant.

The only positive to come out of it was the ‘Changeling disease’, clearly a setup for the rest of the season.

541 down, 196 to go.