Trekathon 537: Take Me Out to the Holosuite (DS9)

Sisko is challenged to a game of baseball by an old rival.

This is an awful episode. It’s based on understanding and enjoying baseball (witness the around ten percent of the episode spent simply reading the rules at different points). The premise involves a racist Vulcan, which seems inconsistent with everything we’ve seen about Vulcans (unless the writers are saying racism is logical. They wouldn’t be saying that would they?). And the plot is largely a rote sitcom ‘father takes everything too seriously, but ultimately learns how to chill out’ plot so standard that I wouldn’t be surprised if I could find an ‘I Love Lucy’ episode that’s the same.

There are a small handful of grace notes – the Federation anthem is a nice touch, Worf’s version of smack talk, Odo as the umpire. But they’re offset by a number of stupid small moments – Ezri talking about the Olympics (pretty sure the Trill don’t do that as well), the ‘all Vulcans look the same’ bit, everyone signs their name in English, not their native language.

537 down, 200 to go. Not quite the home stretch, but getting there.