Trekathon 533: Image in the Sand (2) (DS9)

Sisko soul searches, and nothing else moves forward.

This is a strange episode, which spends most of its duration just paddling in place, doing nothing. The main revelations are that Sisko’s mother wasn’t who he thought she was, and has something to do with the prophets (by which I mena – C’mon…), and the last minute reappearance of Dax with a new host, which we knew was going to happen.

So nothing much interesting happens until the end. Eveyrthing else just gets a bit worse – there’s some conflict with the Romulans, the war isn’t going that well, there’s a new sect on Bajor. The only interesting thing is Worf dealing with his wife’s death, which wasn’t given nearly enough prominence in the story.

(Sisko is using a PADD in the opening sequence that looks so much like an iPad that its quite eerie).

533 down, 204 to go.