Trekathon 532: Tears of the Prophets (1) (DS9)

Sisko leads an attack on the Dominion.

Some TV shows are very very bad at writing characters out. It’s done very badly here. Jadzia dies for no reason beyond being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and her death serves no broader purpose other than ‘Dukat is a bad dude’. We don’t get very much of an emotional connection to the death. What if her death had been a consequence of Sisko’s deal with the devil to bring the Romulans in? Or even that mission Worf and she took a few episodes ago.

The rest of the episode is equally weak. Dukat’s attack is puzzlingly vague. The action sequence with the Dominion-Star Fleet battle isn’t very exciting. And then it ends with the classic ‘pack up your bags and go home’ cliffhanger with Sisko’s crisis of conscience. Dull.

532 down, 205 to go.