Trekathon 531: The Sound of Her Voice (DS9)

October 18th, 2012

The Defiant heads off to rescue a downed starship.

Dull, with an ending that was honestly a big dose of ‘huh?’ – what was the point of that? To underline that their efforts were completely pointless? The time anomaly thing seemed to serve absolutely no purpose.

So, at no point during this episode did someone say ‘and then in 2372’? Or ‘on stardate 50870’? Or anything that would make the Captain go ‘Hey, that’s in the future’? Or no one looked up the database and said ‘hey, why did your 8 year mission take 11 years’? It stretched plausibility beyond the breaking point for me.

And the B-plot – hey, let’s just completely undermine Odo’s fundamental character and beliefs. Because that’s what love does to you. Idiotic.

531 down, 206 to go.