Trekathon 529: Time’s Orphan (DS9)

October 16th, 2012

Chief O’Brien’s daughter goes through a time thingie and ends up spending 10 years in the wilderness.

So, I was bored with this until about halfway through. Then, as it became clearer that it wasn’t going to be a miracle cure it became a little more interesting. But finally we end up with a pretty weak reset switch (with Back to the Future level time mechanics), and overall an episode that didn’t know what it was doing. Oh, and a terrible b-plot involving Worf as a parent.

I did wonder though – would the younger Molly have to face charges for the violence the older Molly committed? They were clear the charges were going ahead. And she’s the same person by any reasonable definition. They might have a hard time getting her away from that one.

529 down, 208 to go.