Trekathon 528: One (VOY)

Seven of Nine has to pilot Voyager through a nebula single handed.

A little heavy handed towards the end, as Seven really begins to lose touch with reality. But what worked was the hallucinations made sense in terms of her internal struggle, without *too* much literalism. It should also contribute usefully to Seven’s character development.

The main problem this raised in my head was ‘why aren’t they making more use of stasis’. Stasis would allow most of the crew to get home to the Alpha quadrant – not using stasis means that most of them are doomed to never see home, only their children will. Sure, you need more than one person to run the ship. But putting a lot of the crew into stasis would solve other supply problems too. Seems strange this is the first time we’ve heard of it.

528 down, 209 to go.