Trekathon 523: The Reckoning (DS9)

A Bajoran prophecy almost ends in the destruction of the station.

Strange episode. Up until halfway through it looks like it’s going to be a Bajoran politics episode, with a bit of religion thrown in. And then about halfway through it goes stark raving bonkers, and we end up with a possessed Kira and Jake fighting it out.

(I did half expect possessed-Kira to ask ‘Are you the gatekeeper?’).

I couldn’t find anyone’s motivations believable. Sisko seemed off, too obsessed. Kira was more religious than usual. Odo was too passive. And Kai Winn was worst of all, with a jealous streak developing. Previously she’s just had a difference of opinion, introducing jealousy of Sisko into it diminishes her character.

523 down, 214 to go.