Trekathon 515: The Killing Game, Part II (VOY)

The fighting breaks out of the Holodeck.

Not as good as part one, mainly due to the silly (the holo-emitters conveniently allowing the ‘Nazi’ thing to keep going), and the over-earnest (the Hirogen leader’s desire to remake his culture). But still a lot of fun, and with a lot of good action moments.

And while they backed off the ‘Janeway as a French resistance leader’ type thing, we still had a fair bit of fun with ‘Neelix the Klingon’. Probably one of the stronger ‘part 2’ episodes, perhaps because they clearly knew where they were going, and it wasn’t part of a cliffhanger.

But – enough Hirogen now, OK?

515 down, 222 to go.