Trekathon 506: Who Mourns for Morn? (DS9)

Morn dies and leaves his estate to Quark.

This entire episode is based on an in-joke – Morn, the bar rat (an anagram of ‘Norm’ from Cheers), who we’re told talks a lot but never talks on screen. He’s been a background character since episode one, but he’s never been given any interesting character, except at a remove. A lot of the first act of this episode revolves around a single joke – ‘hey, isn’t it funny how much they know about this guy we never see do anything’. It’s not a particularly good joke.

Things pick up marginally in the second half when Quark gets caught in the ‘criminals fall out’ scene of the average heist movie. It’s OK, but over complicated, and the resolution is a bit weak – falling back into those ‘tell, don’t show’ habits of TNG and early DS9.

506 down, 231 to go.