Trekathon 505: Message in a Bottle (VOY)

September 22nd, 2012

Voyager finds a way to phone home.

It’s very nearly halfway through Voyager as a series, so I suppose it’s time to contact home. The network they use is a bit implausible (it just happens to start near their location, and finish near the Federation), but it was good to finally force the Doctor to do something all on his own, with no support.

While I suspect the tone of the EMH Mark 1/EMH Mark 2 bickering wouldn’t work for a lot of people, personally I found it quite funny. Some of the better comedic writing in a while. It was also good that the emphasis was on them winning the day despite their ineptness, rather than on any implausible piece of luck along the way.

505 down, 232 to go.