Trekathon 502: The Magnificent Ferengi (DS9)

Quark assembles a rag-tag group of Ferengi to rescue his mother.

Some truly horrible moments: Quark and Nog just wandering into the Captain’s office accidentally, many scenes of the five Ferengi fighting, the reapparance of Empok Nor, screaming Ferengi, ‘To the Infirmary’, the inevitable final act conflict over money, ‘let’s do it for equal shares of 50 bars of gold pressed latinum’, ‘Weekends at Bernie-Vorta’s’, ‘How does it feel to be a hero?’, the dead Vorta endlessly crashing into a wall.

No good moments.

(And, purely as a matter of accuracy: surely this should be the Dirty Ferengi, story)

502 down, 235 to go.