Trekathon 501: Mortal Coil (VOY)

Neelix has a spiritual crisis, and decides to commit suicide.

There are people out there who complain that Voyager is too light, and doesn’t deal with serious themes. I don’t think any of them had ever seen this episode. Unlike some previous rounds (especially around Worf and his brother), this time the spiritual crisis is a bit more rooted in every day beliefs in the real world – what if you die, and there is no afterlife.

But it doesn’t really work. Neelix’s spiritual crisis comes across as ingratitude for this life being saved. Some of that is the sequence – he gets zapped, his dead, the doctor says he’s dead, Seven saves him. Although there’s a long time period in there while he’s dead, because we never see it there isn’t any emotional connection to it.

501 down, 236 to go.