Trekathon 499: Statistical Probabilities (DS9)

September 16th, 2012

Bashir mentors a group of genetically enhanced oddballs.

Hey everybody, remember that Bashir’s genetically enhanced? We had that whole episode last year, and one other brief mention since then. Well the writers have remembered too, and now he’s looking after a whole passel of damaged geniuses. From there it’s a mostly above average version of a fairly standard story.

(It was nice that they took the time to emphasise that these are the rare exceptions among the illegal genetic engineering, though).

What I thought was clever was that we were also able to use the episode to get the ‘Dominion threat’ back on track. The victory at DS9 had the potential to make things look a bit too light – here we get a grimmer diagnosis from the savants. It doesn’t quite hit home hard enough (it would have been good to see a successful prediction in action) – but it was a good start at reenergising the threat.

(As an aside: the forecasting stuff was actually pretty good. I’m sure some people rolled their eyes at the whole ‘it’s actually easier to forecast further into the future’ thing – but the strange truth is that’s actually more true than not)

499 down, 238 to go.