Trekathon 496: Year of Hell, Part II (VOY)

Things go downhill for Voyager this year.

…only on screen that is. In terms of quality, this is actually one of the best ‘second parts’ that Trek has ever turned in.

One plus of the time travel episode is that you can have a lot of fun. While they resist the temptation to kill characters off excessively (which creates *more* suspense about the reset button), there are some great scenes, and a lot of good ‘Voyager in ruins’ scenes. Janeway’s relationship with Voyager is particularly well drawn.

The Chakotay story also made a lot of sense – the idea that he’d co-operate worked for his character, who has the same kind of obsessive solution seeking as the alien captain.

And the final coda was perfect – a happy ending, but with enough threat of a return to keep everyone worried.

496 down, 241 to go.