Trekathon 494: Year of Hell (I) (VOY)

Voyager has a pretty bad time dealing with a foe with time weapons.

Well, it’s definitely another round of Janeway-the-terminally-annoyed. I honestly don’t know how Chakotay ever dares disagree with her. She is not one to cross – and she’s getting a little bit angrier all the time.

It’s good to have a relatively new story. The idea of time weapons is sensible, but hasn’t been touched on before. There are a few hand wavey (timey wimey) moments, but nothing that’s too egregious. Kurtwood Smith is great as the obsessed enemy captain (another apparent trend – bad guys with some clear motivation beyond just being power hungry). But we’ll see how it all plays out in the next part.

(The Doctors little speech at the start was one of the most painful things on screen I’ve seen in some time. My finger was over the fast forward button through the whole thing. It just didn’t work as funny. But hey, I’ll forgive that because of an actual reference to *First Contact*).

494 down, 243 to go.