Trekathon 491: Favor the Bold (6) (DS9)

The Federation finally decides to take the offensive.

Well, clearly we’re headed back to the status quo. Or, at least, I’ll be very surprised if we don’t end up with the crew back on the station within another couple of episodes or two. Once again the DS9-side plot is a lot more interesting, following on from the fallout from the previous episode’s events. It’s not perfect – I would have liked more of Kira’s reaction to Odo, and Jake drops in purely as a plot development carrier. But it’s pretty good.

Dukat appears to have read ‘How to infuriate your subordinate and guarantee a betrayal’. Because every action he takes with Damar makes no sense otherwise. And his relationship with his daughter is getting a little worryingly intense. I don’t think it’s going to end well for more than one of those three…

491 down, 246 to go.

(PS: Happy 46th birthday Star Trek!)