Trekathon 489: Sons and Daughters (4) (DS9)

Worf deals with his son, Dukat with his daughter. Gee, I wonder what the name might mean?

If you’d told me a few episodes ago that we’d have a Klingon story with a Bajoran politics B-plot, and the Klingon story was the better part, I’d have thought you crazy. But here we see the continuation of the deeper, and more realistic, Klingon culture we saw in *The Soldiers of the Empire*. Remarkably enough the reappearance of Alexander doesn’t even ruin things (perhaps because he’s been recast, and also aged about 10 years more than he should’ve).

The Kira plot felt out of place – it felt entirely like a story that would have worked better if it was earlier in Kira’s ‘realise she doesn’t like the Cardassians and restarts the resistance’ arc. Ziyal was used as nothing other than a plaything between Kira and Dukat, and we didn’t really learn anything new.

(Yikes, what a bumpy opening. Sure, we knew they’d get rescued, but going from ‘abandoned on planet’ to ‘making out on board ship’? We need at least a quick line in between…)

489 down, 248 to go.