Trekathon 482: The Gift (VOY)

Kes’s psychic talents accelerate, and Seven of Nine comes to terms with being apart from the Collective.

This is the most ‘continuity heavy’ episode that isn’t a 2-parter in just about all of Voyager. The episode opens with the Borg-modified Voyager, and Seven’s modified cargo bay. Things pick up just moments after the last episode, really. For a show that is so strongly episodic as Voyager it’s quite a change.

The real purpose here is changeover – get rid of Kes, replace her with Seven of Nine. Kes hasn’t really worked out – there have been some flickers of interest, but for the most part she’s served as the exposition backdrop for the Doctor. Seven of Nine is more in the conventional ‘exploration of what it means to be Human’ mould of Spock and Data, and so is a far more promising model. We’ll see.

482 down, 255 to go.