Trekathon 481: Scorpion, Part II (VOY)

Voyager’s fragile alliance with the Borg goes to war.

A bit too much exposition, not quite enough action. But it’s a better resolution to the two-parter than the average in Trek. And there are some nice Janeway/Chakotay character moments, although they’re probably on the ‘confusingly brief’ end of the spectrum – a lot goes unsaid in those scenes.

Seven of Nine is creepily effective as a Borg drone. It’ll be interesting to see how a one-note character can grow and develop, but there’s more to build on than a lot of new characters. The ‘Chakotay uses the link’ stuff was a fairly cheesy resolution to the story, which undermined things for me.

481 down, 256 to go. And Voyager has more seasons than TOS. Sigh.