Trekathon 476: Worst Case Scenario (VOY)

August 24th, 2012

Chakotay leads a mutiny against Janeway.

Another missed opportunity. While the story here (Seska’s booby trapped the holodeck program), it would have been much more interesting to try and maintain the pretence that this is a real mutiny a lot longer – the whole episode, even. There was a really good idea, but it gets turned into another ‘holodeck malfunction’ episode.

Say, make it that this is Janeway running through the scenario. And have the reveal saved for the very last scene. Make it about something current – make it concerns about relationships now, the tensions that still exist. By setting it ‘way back when’ it takes any of the character interest out of it, beyond ‘see how they’ve changed’.

476 down, 261 to go.