Trekathon 475: Blaze of Glory (DS9)

Eddington helps Sisko stop a final revenge attack by the Maquis.

Last season we had a [great Sisko/Eddington episode](, followed up by an [even better one earlier this year](). Fortunately someone was taking notes about what works, because while this is really just more of the same it works really well. It’s a great pity that they didn’t discover the relationship here until after the changed direction made it academic, because this time it’s farewell to Eddington.

Everything fits together well – there’s a nice twist, and there’s even a fairly decent Nog B-plot. There’s a bit too much time spent in mechanics rather than the real meat of the episode to keep it from being great, but overall this is pretty strong.

475 down, 262 to go.