Trekathon 471: Soldiers of the Empire (DS9)

Worf goes on a mission with General Martok.

Star Trek has always had fairly clear ideas about Klingon society (well, since TNG at least), but has always struggled to present them on screen in a way that makes sense. This episode goes a long way towards making it work. Sure, there’s a brutal hierarchy to a Klingon ship – but it’s also formalised, in a way that makes it workable. Concerns about ‘cowardice’ and ‘honor’ also make a lot more sense here than usual.

The episode still has a lot flaws – Jadzia is a better Klingon than Worf, Worf can just run off at a moments notice, that kind of thing. But it’s one of the better Klingon stories that the series has told so far.

471 down, 266 to go.