Trekathon 468: Ties of Blood and Water (DS9)

Kira works out her daddy issues with her Cardassian ‘father’.

Meh. Tried for deep and moving, just didn’t quite work. The Kira part of the episode just had some missing element, nothing I can put my finger on, that kept things from coming together properly. The more interesting part of the episode was Dukat and his Dominion handler, even if it was a bit incongruous that the head of a planetary government could drop everything and head to DS9 at short notice.

Something struck me while watching this episode – we get a lot of flashbacks in DS9, particularly to events before the start of the show. Two this season (*Things Past* was the other). TNG, Voyager and TOS had hardly any, and those they did tend to be ‘within episode’ flashbacks. It’s a revealing difference, because it reflects how much hidden background there is on this show, and how much it informs the story.

468 down, 269 to go.