Trekathon 454: The Begotten (DS9)

Odo tries to raise another orphan changeling.

Last time we dealt with Odo’s father issues, in [*The Alternate*](, I said that it was a good idea with bad execution. Here we finally get the execution. Odo finally says his piece, and Dr Mora finally shows some insight. There isn’t enough time to really get into the emotions (we spend way too much time in the pointless ‘Kira gives birth scenes’), but what’s there works nicely.

The only shame of this is that Odo’s loss of shapeshifting is undone. Only 12 episodes, many of which didn’t touch on Odo at all, is not enough time for that kind of story. I suspect the writers didn’t know where to take it, but to reverse it so fast smacks of poor planning.

454 down, 283 to go.