Trekathon 450: Rapture (DS9)

Sisko receives visions from the prophets following an accident.

This is an episode that deals with some very complex political and religious themes. Sisko’s role as the Emissary finally comes into conflict with his role as a Star Fleet captain. And my main complaint is that he switches from one to the other without any real struggle. I would have preferred to see, as we have before, some more resistance about the next step on his journey. Instead he jumps in without hesitation – it’s not a complete departure from what’s gone before, but I think that it’s not the best story they could have told.

All the parts are good, such as another appearance from the usually interesting Kai Winn. But because Sisko’s motivations go to a new place so quickly, it’s hard to follow along freely.

450 down, 287 to go.