Trekathon 449: Macrocosm (VOY)

Janeway single-handedly saves the Enterprise from giant bugs.

There is one of the boldest sequences I’ve seen in Trek at the end of the first half of the episode, when Janeway is alone on screen for almost ten minutes, with hardly any spoken dialogue at all. It’s a long way outside the norm for TV, but it works really well. It gives a good sense of the situation. And then they ruin it with a flashback.

Urk, flashbacks. I hate flashbacks. I understand the desire to start with an exciting part of the story, and then go back to the setup. But it’s lazy writing, especially here where it would be about five minutes work to recut the episode into chronological order. (The one exception to this? I love a good *Rashomon* story).

Oh, and the science is incredibly stupid.

449 down, 288 to go.