Trekathon 445: Warlord (VOY)

Kes’s mind is taken over by an alien Warlord.

I’ve found Kes to be an intermittently interesting character. Sometimes she’s the exposition backup in the medbay. Sometimes she’s just Neelix’s love interest. And then, every now and then, we get a glimpse of a more complex character, such as in *Cold Fire*, and here in the scenes where we see the internal struggle between Kes and the Warlord.

But the rest of Kes being possessed wasn’t that interesting. It’s normally a chance for an actor to do something outside their normal range. But when that’s combined with the character of Kes it doesn’t work, as we’re never very sure if it’s Kes (but the angry Kes) or the Warlord we’re seeing.

445 down, 292 to go.