Trekathon 443: Future’s End, Part II (VOY)

Voyager saves the future.

This episode has a *really* bad case of the stupids. The evil businessman has captured the Doctor, and then takes the communicator off him? During a conversation about him being a hologram? READ THE SCRIPT! It makes no sense to remove an object from him, it’s not real. Then we have the Nobel Prize for Archaeology, or no one realising that Starling would bring his own car, “it looks like a tricorder” when it simply doesn’t, thinking the time ship is in a truck that is simply not wide enough, and so on. I was deeply turned off the episode, all because of a few QA points.

Maybe without those things, or if I hadn’t noticed, it would have been better. As it was, it was frankly bad. Not an enjoyable experience.

443 down, 294 to go.