Trekathon 442: Let He Who Is Without Sin… (DS9)

Worf and Dax (and Leeta & Bashir and Quark) go on romantic vacations to Risa.

This episode crystallised for me the problem that I’ve been having with the portrayal of Worf since he joined the show. We oscillate from ‘Worf with the strict sense of duty’ to ‘Worf whose anger gets the worst of him and he goes too gar’. It makes *no* sense for Worf to become a terrorist just because he doesn’t like his holiday. And then we find out the moral to the story is that ‘Worf feels he always has to control himself’? It’s like they hadn’t even read the rest of the script.

Also – why was Quark there too? He added nothing to the plot at all.

442 down, 295 to go.